Study in the UK – 7 Mistakes always avoid before going

Dream – Is Special things in our life. Like your Dream of Study in the UK is very special for you. Now time for making your dream true. International Student often does some common mistake for Studying Abroad. Here I will explain some point to help you avoid this common mistake.

Budget Wrongly

Making a right budget is most important for UK Study. Every year lot’s student fails to complete there Abroad Study due to Budget Wrongly. Remember, When you have sufficient money you feel confident. Though it’s not possible to calculate exact budget because each person has different needs & lifestyle. Home rent, tuition fees, Food, Travelling cost are some basic need. So make budget properly and expanse as per budget is the wisest decision. If possible avoid using the credit card, at time of the abroad study, to cut down unnecessary expenses.

No Information about the UK

Going to the UK for Study and going for a vacation is different. You must take information UK lifestyle, culture. Weather, food and etc.It help’s you take mental preparation and save more time to adjust.

Choosing Wrong Education Consultants

It’s an era of the Internet. We find a service on the internet, see the review and make a good or Bad impression. Some companies take advantage of this. Their lot’s of Education consultant has no license even no knowledge about abroad universities. So before selecting your Education Consultants must check how many days they are working, verify their license, contact with universities to know about Education Consultants.

Forgetting of important documents

Abroad study need’s lots of documents and procedure. Be careful when you fill up a form especially for Visa, university application. Doing mistake or sending wrong documents can bring trouble for you. Before journey double check your important document.


It’s the most common regret of the majority students. Make a simple luggage in which you feel comfortable. Besides, If you take big luggage you can become a target of thrives. In general, the climate of the UK is cool and often cloudy. So make sure you add some woolen item in your luggage.

Less confident in English

By hook or crook prepare your fluency of English. For Abroad study may need IELTS Score so take IELTS course seriously. Also, you can find lots of a helpful YouTube video about how to speak with fluency. In my view, Language is way express so be easy when you speak in English and confident

Getting to much fear

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

It’s common getting fear also easy to avoid fear. Believe yourself, learn more, love your parents & take care. That’s it.

These are the seven mistake students commonly do. This is some common mistake, besides these; there have lots you can find by exploring more and more about Study in the UK. In last Just to say, Do For Dream. I know you have a big Dream for your brighter future; I wish your dream come true.